Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taking the Paranormal in to the Everyday

           You wake up in the morning and it feels like you have balls of cotton shoved in your ears – you can hear, some sounds even seem amplified, but everything has that muffled quality that you’d hear through a door or wall.  When you pry your eyelids open the light is blinding to you, even as the gritt in your eyes rubs like sandpaper on the sensitive tissue.  You swallow and the burn is like a shot of potent alcohol.  You gasp, hoping to cool the burn but the cool air only cuts at your throat like a thousand tiny blades.  Realization hits you…
            You’re sick.
good vs. evilImage by Ivars Krutainis via Flickr
            Of course you are, but therein lies the amazing possibilities and wonderous range of what could be the cause of your pain and discomfort when (or if) you factor in a fantasy or paranormal angle to your story.  Maybe you’re waking up after being attacked by vampires.  Maybe you’re a witch who is experiencing the effects of a “magic hangover” after an overuse of power.  Or maybe you were the unfortunate victim of a Fright Demon (you know one of those terror inducing demons who literally live on the power of your fear, and particularly enjoy the sounds of your screams…)
            You add paranormal twists or a fantasy bent to your story and you create a world for yourself that literally (no pun intended) holds unending, limitless, fluidly imaginative possibilities.  You can go anywhere, be (or become) anyone, do nearly anything, and all because you’ve taken your character out of the ‘real’ world and placed them into a world of your own making.
            So where would you go, if you could go anywhere?  And where would you go, if you could go there in the blink of an eye?  Who would you be, or become, if you could take any identity you wanted with merely a wish?  If you could do anything, what would it be?  And through it all, would be acting for the good of your self, for the good of all, or to destroy everything in good in the world?  Would you be good or evil?
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