Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back and What's Up!?!

I'm back!! I know, I know, six months later and that's all I've got to say for myself... And really it is.  I could give you excuses and reasons - and they are good ones - but it doesn't change anything.  So all I can say now is simply that I am back and I'll be trying to post regularly again.

For tonight, that's about all I've got to say... Except for a bit of cross-promotion for my review blog.  I've decided to do "A Month of Nora Roberts," a series of posts that will discuss a bunch of her books. (All the one's that I own anyway.) The first installment is already posted and available for your consumption.  I've also got a review series for Christine Feehan's Dark series that I sort of died on in October last year too.  I'll be picking that back up in the next couple of weeks as well.  Hope you'll stop by and see what I'm doing.  You can follow the link above, or copy and paste the following:

See you again soon!!
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