About Me

I'm LD Ferris. I'm a writer and a blogger. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt. I grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta, Canada and still live in the area with my family today. I like to travel and see new things, and I like to learn about and explore other cultures and history. I like reading and writing, dancing, watching good movies and really bad ones, spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends. Throughout the day I can most often be found with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. When I'm not reading, I'm at my computer - playing, working, writing, and guaranteed, I've still got a cup of coffee at hand. 

One of my favorite moments of the day is at the end of it, after I've got the kids all settled down and in bed for the night, when I kick back to relax with my husband and a glass of wine, and we watch an hour of TV together. 

Since I was just a child I've made up stories.  Some of them I shared with my friends and family, while other stories were simply my own.  The words would be jotted down in note books, in diaries, and even on scrap pieces of paper. 

In school I was told that I was gifted with words, and the teachers often told me they were impressed with my imagination and my ability to describe my vision.  Back then it never occurred to me that writing was something that I could, should, or would be able to do as a career. Eventually that realization came, and though I've struggled with inspiration and personal obstacles, I'm (still) determined to share my writing with the world.

My stories always include romance and in many of them I also include myth and legend, fantasy and the paranormal.

I always like to hear from readers and other writers and can be contacted, and found online in the following places: