About Me

My name is LD Ferris. I'm an (currently unpublished) author with a goal. To publish. Specifically to publish the stories that are in my head, and on numerous flash drives in my desk drawers, to share them with the world. Of all the dreams I've had through the years, of all the goals I've worked toward, writing and publishing my work has been the one constant. The course of my life has changed drastically several times during the past decade and many times I've been derailed, yet writing - pulling together wisps of imagination and weaving them into stories of love and loss, sorrow and joy, hope, and more, has stuck with me through all the twists my road has taken. After this long I think it's safe to say that the drive will always be there. 

I'm working on the courage part these days. 

My writing is generally filled with magic - witches, shifters, vampires, immortals and more. Sometimes its simply full of normal. My characters are as imperfectly perfect as the people I know in real life, my settings draw from real places as much as possible, and the stories I tell are about life. About living it. About filling it to the brim with adventure and love. About risking everything to have it all. While writing I pull from research and real life, then give it my own twist, thus making it my own. 

Some day, hopefully someday soon, I'll find the courage I need to hit publish and release my babies to the world. In the meantime, I'll continue sharing tidbits from inside my mind...