Monday, March 21, 2016

My Recent Daily Routine

Spring has arrived – on the calendar and (despite today’s more gloomy and chilly weather) outside as well. Like everyone I enjoy getting out after the colder winter months but I like it much better when it’s nice and warm, almost hot outside and tend to emerge from my winter hibernation a little later than others. But it has been warm enough, even for me, to get out for a few hours here and there.

The change in weather is going to cause some obvious adjustments to how I structure my day but right now I’ve actually got a pretty good routine happening, especially considering the recent rough months that I and my family have been going through. While I’m still reading daily and doing daily promotions, I am also doing a lot more writing and editing right now than I have been doing for quite some time.

My day’s lately have been going mostly like this:
  •  get coffee and get kids off to school
  •  check for updates on social media
  •  check email (& return if necessary)
  •  get another coffee
  •  review writing from previous day and do basic spelling and grammatical corrections
  •  check again for updates and post featured book of the day on social media
  •  get another coffee and (maybe) a snack
  •  write
  •  make random google searches about random topics directly or indirectly related to writing
  •  lunch (maybe)
  •  check social media again and update statuses
  •  write some more
  •  get children from school and deal with after school activities, dinner prep
  •  read while kids do homework and/or after dinner
  •  send children to bed
  •  check social media, update statuses, reply to messages
  •  have a glass of wine or other drink
  •  write or read until bed

…Then I sleep and repeat.

So I have a question for you – what have your days been like lately? Are you reading more or less than normal? Are you writing? Are you focusing on editing?

Or is it possible that Spring Fever has caught you and you’re distracted by the opportunities to get outside and active again?

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