Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Where does the time go? Really? 8 months since I last updated and it seems like it was just yesterday. Granted, when I look back over the months I can see that I was pretty busy with this, or overwhelmed by that, but it doesn’t make things seem any better.
I went back to work in January, leaving the husband at home with the kids.  I was working full-time grave-shifts, sleeping during the day but when I started I had every intention of keeping up with my writing.  For a while I did manage to peck out a paragraph here, or fill out a chapter there, but I never had the time to actually write. 
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After my husband went back to work (he lives/works about 10hrs from our home 8 months of the year) and I eventually quit the job that I’d been working at so that I could stay at home with the kids again, I did turn back to some of my writing.  I’ve been working out some of the kinks that I’ve found in outlines, writing and finishing up some of my fanfiction stories, and I’ve gone back to review and edit all the writing I have done for The Gifted (previously mentioned in posts), for my witches story (whose working title is The Chosen) and for my mythological paranormal simply titled Immortals. Considering that it’s been summer and the kids have been home all the time or we’ve been gone vacationing, doing even that much work for my writing is better than I’ve done in months. 
But now the kids (well the two oldest) start heading back to school this week and we’ll once again be settling in to schedules that, though busy, should allow me a bit more time everyday for actual writing.  It’s going to be grand I tell you… 
And honestly, I can’t wait!
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